The LR-LINK LRES4011MT-PoE is a PCI Express2.1 x4 Quad-port M12 X-code interface PoE+ gigabit ethernet image acquisition card. Independently developed by Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., Ltd. On the basis of Intel master control scheme, compatible with PCIe x8 and x16 channels at the same time.


  • Single port PoE+ output power consumption up to 30W
  • Adaptive to power output required by external equipment
  • The adapter card adopts a wider M12 spacing design
  • The more efficient radiator can effectively solve the problem of heat dissipation of the adapter in the case of poor heat dissipation environment, and effectively ensure the stable operation of the adapter card for a long time
  • Carefully selected thickening gold technology D-code M12 linker to ensure a more solid and reliable connection
  • The design of four M12 D-code interfaces (Aviation interfaces) can better save precious PCIe slot resources on the motherboard.

Product Specifications