KAYA Instruments Cameras

KAYA Instruments Cameras

Innovative Iron CXP and JetCam machine vision cameras from KAYA Instruments are designed to take your imaging capabilities a step further. High speed, low cost, and built to last, they’re one of the best collections of machine vision cameras on the market and a great choice for a wide range of imaging needs.

KAYA JetCam Cameras

JetCam from KAYA Instruments cameras is a family of high-end cameras that feature Fiber or CoaXPress interfaces for video at rates of up to 2400fps and resolutions of up to 25 megapixels. They’re optimized for high-speed use and priced to align with any budget.

KAYA Iron Cameras

We offer an extensive KAYA Iron camera selection so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Choose your ideal resolution, frame rate, sensor, and megapixel specifications, and pair with a KAYA Frame Grabber for the ultimate in imaging technology.

KAYA Mercury Cameras

SWIR Cameras – KAYA’s Mercury cameras, recognized for their rugged construction and compact form, stand out in the field of infrared (IR) imaging technology. These IR cameras are engineered for optimal performance in demanding conditions, delivering high-speed and low-power functionality combined with superior sensor quality.