LCD Monitors from Tru-Vu

Shop LCD monitors from Tru-Vu, the industry leader in world class industrial-grade monitors, including medical display monitors. Find monitors in a range of sizes and specifications, all with the exceptional image quality that you except from a Tru-Vu device. They’re the perfect monitors for supporting your machine vision camera, with the long term performance you need—and they’re available now through Saber1 Technologies LLC.

Sunlight Readable Display

Tru-Vu monitors include a sunlight readable display that make them as useful outdoors as they are indoors. So no matter what you’re monitoring—or where!—you’ll be confident you can see what you’re looking for.

Shop Industrial Monitors

Don’t waste your time on industrial monitors without long-term viability. Tru-Vu monitors are designed to last, with performance features that guarantee a durable device. Shop today, and contact us if you have any questions.