The LRES2036PT-POE is a PCI Express x4 10-port PoE+ Gigabit ethernet image capture card independently developed by Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., Ltd. based on the Intel chip. It is also compatible with PCIe x8, and x16 channels. The server adapter card design is mainly designed to be applied to industrial field visual inspection servers and equipment, visual field clients, fast-moving ethernet data transmission equipment, etc. It is also suitable for ordinary servers.


  • The single-port PoE output power consumption is up to 30W;
  • Adapt to the power output required by external equipment;
  • The adapter card adopts a wider RJ45 spacing design;
  • The thickened heavy gold RJ5 connector is carefully selected to ensure a more solid and reliable connection;
  • The design of 10 8-Pin RJ45 headers can better save the valuable PCIe slot resources of the motherboard.

Product Specifications