The LREG1004PT-POE is a quad-port gigabit PoE+ Ethernet image grabber card independently developed by Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., Ltd. based on the Intel chip. The capture card conforms to the GigE Vision standard and allows users to use standard cables for fast image acquisition and transmission in industrial machine vision work connected to industrial cameras. The Ethernet frame grabber has a ToE (Trigger over Ethernet) function, which integrates an advanced Ethernet trigger based on FPGA, which can accurately synchronize multiple cameras to trigger acquisition, which reduces the cost of hardware and I/O in practical applications.


  • Joint software & hardware solution: Integrated software and hardware TOE, software online management collaboration function, software and hardware combination to better achieve management and maintenance.
  • Time synchronization trigger: Data, power supply and trigger signal are transmitted through a single connection line.
  • PoE protection: Providing overvoltage and overcurrent protection.
  • High temperature resistance
  • Support multiple boards to be used on one system at the same time.
  • I/O Support: Support 4 in 4 out I / O interface.

Product Specifications