Small, rugged, versatile, and highly affordable, block cameras are ideal for a wide range of industrial, public safety, and even consumer applications. With modern interfaces like HD and LVDS, image capture rates of 30 FPS or more, zoom capabilities up to 120x and impressive sensitivity in low-light conditions, these devices are ideal for outdoor surveillance, weather monitoring, traffic and toll monitoring, and space-restricted industrial inspection, alignment and recognition applications. Many devices feature temperature readouts for optimal performance in demanding or variable environments.

List of Block Products

ResolutionMegapixelFrame Rate
Sony FCB-ER8300 Block Camera
FCB-ER8300 4K 8.93 MP 30 fps
Sony FCB-ER8530 Block Camera
FCB-ER8530 4K 8.51 MP 30 fps
Sony FCB-ER8550 Block Camera
FCB-ER8550 4K 8.51 MP 30 fps
Sony FCB-ES8230 Block Camera
FCB-ES8230 4K 20.4 MP 30 fps
Sony FCB-EV7520A Block Camera
FCB-EV7520A 1920 x 1080 2.13 MP 60 fps