Saber1 is a leading distributor of industrial and machine vision cables. At our one-stop-shop, you’ll find exactly what you need to keep your camera system up and running, with trustworthy cables that stay strong in even the toughest of conditions. While you’re here, shop camera cables and connectors for other leading industry technology, including uEye, HSLink, and more.

Through years of distributing cables for harsh environments, Saber1 has distributed cables for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications such as medical, industrial, robotic, military, aerospace, defense & security, automotive, and more. We have made our mark on the industry by ensuring performance testing occurs on every machine vision cable that we distribute.


Robust & Reliable CameraLink Cables

At Saber1, we stock and sell the most reliable CameraLink cables in the industry. When looking for CameraLink cables, it is most important to know the connector size (MDR or SDR), connector type, length, and PoCL compliance. If you do not see the cable you need, contact us for custom solutions.

CoaXPress Cables

CoaXPress cables combine the very best cable ergonomics with high-speed processing technology for cables that provide fast and secure imaging capabilities. Shop them here.

GigE Cables

For longer cables without the longer set-up times, try GigE cables. With cables available up to 100 meters in length, you can make sure your cameras always go the distance. Shop them here.