When you need machine vision innovation you can trust, you need a Sony machine vision camera. Sony is a world leader in cutting edge machine vision technology, with a selection of camera solutions designed to meet the needs of today’s organizations.

Sony CameraLink

Sony CameraLink PoCL cameras are high performance and high speed, with reliable execution across a wide range of user needs. It’s the quality you expect from any Sony industrial vision camera, with remote monitoring and microscopy applications fit for demanding conditions.

Sony Block Camera

The Sony Block camera in FHD and HD offers the latest features in performance and technology. Like all Sony cameras, the Block cameras are optimized for a variety of uses and built to last. Take your purchase a step further by pairing with high-quality lenses, mounts, software, and more for a truly transformative machine vision solution.

“Pregius” technology

Sony‘s CMOS image sensors using “Pregius” technology are also capable to start and stop the light exposure time for all pixels simultaneously, (known as global shutter). CMOS image sensor technology has continued to evolve with unprecedented advances in resolution, frame rate, sensitivity, readout-noise, high dynamic range and control features that enable new applications in industrial imaging.