HSLink Cables


The CameraLink HS interface has become a new machine vision connectivity standard. As a group, we are working with the Camera Link HS subcommittee to bring reference designs and a more complete specification to the table for industry use as the next generation Machine Vision interface. Camera Link HS cables are designed to specifically meet the demanding needs of vision and imaging applications. Its low latency, low jitter, real-time signals between a camera and a frame grabber carry image data and configuration data. The CameraLink HS interface takes the key strengths of Camera Link and adds new features and functions to meet customer’s demands today and tomorrow.

CameraLink HS interface Cable

CameraLink HS Features

  • CameraLink HS Interface – is the next-generation image acquisition interface
  • Diecast hood with thumbscrews
  • Ultra-compact, field-proven 26AWG CX4 cable and connector
  • Dedicated communication channel supports data rates up to 3.125 Gbits/s
  • Scalable Bandwidths from 1,200 to 80,000 MB/s
  • Extremely Reliable Data Delivery
  • Copper or Fiber Optic Cables from 15 to 300+ meters in length
  • Multi-Vendor Compliant Components Available
  • IP Cores Available for Quick, Low-Cost Development

CameraLink HS interface Cable

The Camera Link HS interface is designed from a system point of view, ensuring that CMOS sensor technology can be fully exploited while providing low-cost cameras and frame grabbers that meet the ease of use, flexibility and data reliability demanded by customers.

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