Frame Grabbers

Leading Frame Grabber Technology

Saber 1 Technologies LLC represents the machine vision industry’s premier distributor of industrial frame grabbers. Our dedication to providing the top products ensures that you can always extract, manage, and store still images.

Industrial frame grabbers are technology that allows you to pull still images from videos. This can be useful for a lot of reasons, and particularly if you’re using your camera for security purposes. Shop our inventory for frame grabbers you can trust to work when and how you need them to.

Shop For a CoaXPress Frame Grabber

Find a CoaXPress frame grabber for your CoaXPress camera. Our stock works with CoaXPress devices so you get top-quality imagery from your videos.

Shop for a CameraLink Frame Grabber

We also sell products that can serve as a CameraLink frame grabber for your CameraLink machine vision camera. Shop all brands, including Euresys, and Kaya Instruments, and get in touch with any questions.