KAYA Instruments (Software/SDK)

KAYA Instruments (Software/SDK)

KAYA Instruments Software/SDK VisionPoint is the leading cutting-edge and user-friendly software environment for video acquisition, recording, playback, and management. You can gain the benefits of this comprehensive and easy-to-use software, no matter which camera you use with any frame grabbers manufactured by KAYA Instruments.

You can accelerate your vision solutions with the VisionPoint application, which includes GUI, SDK, and API that are followed by a rich set of documentation, examples, and reference designs.

KAYA Instruments Software/SDK natively integrates with most of the modern Machine Vision standard tools, which are used worldwide, such as MVTec Halcon, Matlab, Labview, DirectGPU, and Cognex.

Both Windows and Linux users can experience this powerful and reliable software package, including a concise and intuitive GUI. The API has very distinct and extensive documentation giving the user the ability to quickly understand and take advantage of its broad options.

The digital Video recorder capabilities of the Vision Point software package, achieves industry highest performance of up to 40Gbps direct SSD recording of uncompressed digital streams for long periods of time and inline compression allows even higher recording times.