Prophotonix COBRA Clean FX4

Highlights The Prophotonix COBRA Cure FX4 offers market leading energy density through a unique design starting with the LED chip. The product includes high-density Chip-on-Board LED arrays and a wide 40mm window ensuring uniform UV light and maximum dose without any compromise on lifetime. Features Energy density (dose) up to 58 J/cm² Intensity up to … Continued

Prophotonix COBRA HyperSpec

Highlights The Prophotonix COBRA HyperSpec offers hyperspectral tunable illumination for optimal image acquisition. Discrete control of up to 12 different wavelengths allows for the creation of a broad spectrum with excellent uniformity and high-quality imaging. Hyperspectral imaging requires specific wavelength selection in order to generate a broad and homogenous spectrum of light.  The COBRA HyperSpec … Continued

Prophotonix COBRA Clean FX3

Highlights The Prophotonix COBRA Cure FX3 UV LED Curing system delivers up to 20W/cm2 or 40J/cm2. Ideal for UV curing of inks, coatings and adhesives. A compact, scalable UV lamp with the benefits of LEDs and unique features for a consistent, reliable cure. Features Intensity up to 20W/cm2, Energy density up to 40 J/cm2 365nm, 385nm. 395nm, 405nm … Continued

Prophotonix COBRA Clean FX2

Highlights The Prophotonix COBRA Cure FX2 is a compact, fan-cooled UV LED Curing system, delivering up to 8.4W/cm2 or 17.5 J/cm2. Its unique design delivers the optimal UV LED-based systems and incorporates novel features to guarantee a consistent, reliable cure. Features Intensity up to 8.4W/cm2, Energy density up to 17.5 J/cm2 Compact, Stackable UV LED System Lifetime: … Continued

Prophotonix COBRA Clean FX1

Highlights The Prophotonix COBRA Clean FX1 is a compact, fan-cooled UVC LED lamp that provides a uniform line at 265nm with a peak irradiance of 55 mW/cm2 and peak energy density (dose) of 65 mJ/cm2. The lamp is built utilizing LED technology for optimum intensity and uniformity and designed utilizing an established platform for reliability. … Continued

Prophotonix COBRA Cure Mini

Highlights Designed to maximize intensity and dose within a compact, light form factor, the Prophotonix COBRA Cure Mini offers an excellent solution for high-speed single and multi-pass printers where installation space is restricted and weight is a concern. This innovative product offers the high performance of the Prophotonix COBRA Cure products in a more compact … Continued

Prophotonix COBRA MultiSpec

Highlights The Prophotonix COBRA MultiSpec is a tunable, MultiSpectral LED Line Light with up to 12 wavelengths. The COBRA™ MultiSpec multispectral LED line light has been designed to deliver tunable multispectral light allowing you to optimize image acquisition. Offering discrete control of up to twelve wavelengths from 365 to 1650nm via an intuitive graphical user … Continued

Prophotonix COBRA RGB

Highlights The Prophotonix COBRA RGB extreme brightness and highly uniform RGB light for the line scan applications. The COBRA™ RGB LED line light utilizes Chip-on-Board LED technology to deliver extremely bright and uniform, RGB light. Any 3 wavelengths are available from UV to visible to IR, to suit a wide range of multispectral applications. The … Continued

Prophotonix COBRA Flex

Highlights The Prophotonix COBRA Flex is a compact LED Line Light with flexible mounting options for applications with space restrictions. The COBRA Flex is ideal for high-speed line scan and web inspection where installation space is restricted. This innovative new product offers the extreme brightness and high uniformity of our COBRA Slim series product in a … Continued

Prophotonix COBRA Max

Highlights ProPhotonix has utilized its optical and Chip-on-Board LED expertise to design an optically enhanced version of the established COBRA Slim Series. The Prophotonix COBRA Max delivers up to 2600kLux continuous wave from the same slim and compact form factor. COBRA Max utilizes Chip-on-Board LED technology in combination with expert optical design to ensure extreme … Continued