Prophotonix COBRA Cure Mini


Designed to maximize intensity and dose within a compact, light form factor, the Prophotonix COBRA Cure Mini offers an excellent solution for high-speed single and multi-pass printers where installation space is restricted and weight is a concern. This innovative product offers the high performance of the Prophotonix COBRA Cure products in a more compact package. Control electronics are housed separately achieving a much more compact light head module, measuring just 33.4mm x 57mm x 30mm (1.3″ x 2.24″ x 1.18″). Weighing less than 175gm (0.4 lb) the light head is suitable for compact translation systems, providing ease of installation without any compromise on performance. With COBRA Cure Mini, ProPhotonix has utilized its expertise in Chip-on-Board LED array design and mechanical engineering to deliver the optimum solution for applications where space and weight are restricted but the higher intensity and dose levels are required. The Prophotonix COBRA Cure Mini delivers intensities up to 6W/cm2 and a factory set dose of up to 9 J/cm2 at 2mm across an illumination area of 36mm x 13.5mm (1.42″ x 0.53″). ProPhotonix builds the light engine used to power the COBRA Cure FX series in-house and has engineered each step of the design and manufacturing process to ensure that intensity, dose as well as lifetime are maximized in the COBRA Cure Mini. COBRA Cure Mini offers an ideal solution for UV curing of inks, coatings
and adhesives as well as 3D printing applications.


  • Compact, Fan-Cooled LED Curing Lamp 33.4mm x 57mm x 30mm
  • Weight: less than 175g
  • Delivers Intensities of up to 6W/cm2 at 2mm
  • Provides a Maximum Dose of 9J/cm2 at 2mm
  • Illumination Area: 36mm x 13.5mm
  • Linear Intensity Control Options
  • Options Available 365nm, 385nm, and 395nm

Prophotonix COBRA Cure Mini Applications

  • UV Curing of Inks, Coatings, & Adhesives
  • 3D Printing
Prophotonix COBRA Cure Mini