Prophotonix COBRA RGB


The Prophotonix COBRA RGB extreme brightness and highly uniform RGB light for the line scan applications. The COBRA™ RGB LED line light utilizes Chip-on-Board LED technology to deliver extremely bright and uniform, RGB light. Any 3 wavelengths are available from UV to visible to IR, to suit a wide range of multispectral applications. The Prophotonix COBRA RGB, utilizes a densely packaged, three-wavelength Chip-on-Board LED array for high intensity, uniformity, and optimal light blending. In addition, Ethernet control as standard allows remote tailoring of the color of the illumination maximizing image contrast. RGB Line lights are used in machine vision applications when sorting different types of products utilizing the same vision system, for example, sorting different types of products in the food industry. Alternatively, they can be used to carry out a number of inspections at the same time, for example, in print inspection applications.

With the introduction of Prophotonix COBRA RGB, you can now select any three wavelengths, from UV to Visible to IR, along with a wide range of optical options to ensure the optimum illumination for your application. A strobing function is available delivering up to 5 times the intensity. Based on the COBRA Slim platform, COBRA RGB is a modular product and is available in any length up to 3m. COBRA RGB also incorporates the COBRA Slim’s unique optical design. This includes a field adjustable lens position allowing users to further optimize the light’s optical output for their specific application.

Prophotonix COBRA RGB Features

  • Available with up to 3 wavelengths
  • Field adjustable: focusing distance and diffusers
  • Chip-On-Board: extreme brightness and high uniformity
  • Modular: available in any length
  • Current monitoring and error detection
  • Wavelengths: from UV to Visible & IR

Prophotonix COBRA RGB Applications

  • Print inspection
  • Food Sorting
  • Recycling Sorting
  • Currency inspection
  • Multispectral Imaging
Prophotonix COBRA RGB

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