Ximea xiC USB3.1 MC089MG-SY-BRD


The Ximea xiC USB3.1 MC089MG-SY-BRD industrial camera is designed to be as small as possible in size and mass, this device also has the world’s lowest power consumption for these sensors. The xiC cameras will crush your performance goals. Thanks to its slim two-board stack size, the Ximea xiC USB3.1 MC089MG-SY-BRD industrial camera can be tightly integrated into embedded and multi-camera systems. The small size and variety of interface configurations of the xiC make it ideal for a high number of challenging applications making them compatible with the xiFLY system. The standard USB interface of the MC089MG-SY-BRD offers streamlined connectivity with the largest set of host computers. No auxiliary power is needed, as the cameras are fed directly through the USB bus. In the case of the ribbon cable connection, all signals (power, data, IO) are integrated into the single link, reducing the number of extra cables. The Ximea xiC USB3.1 MC089MG-SY-BRD industrial camera is equipped with a Sony Pregius IMX255 sensor, 4112 x 2176 resolution, and 8.9 megapixels.

Ximea xiC USB3.1 MC089MG-SY-BRD Features

  • Low power consumption
  • USB3 Vision compliant
  • Various standard connector options: Micro-B, Type-C
  • Ribbon cable variants for embedded systems
  • Flexible GPIO, optoisolated and bidirectional
  • High-quality images from Sony Pregius sensors
  • Sony Pregius global shutter sensors
  • 26 x 26 mm front face size with C/CS-mount

what is xiC?

  • Compact cameras featuring Sony Pregius™ sensors – 26 x 26 x 33 mm small and 38 grams light
  • Fast CMOS – High speed, high frame rate: from 2.3 Mpix at 165 Fps to 12 Mpix at 31 Fps
  • Cool economy – Low power consumption with under 3 Watt
  • All-around support – support for Windows 7 and 10, macOS, Linux, ARM, and embedded platforms
  • Industry-standard interface – Compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 1, former USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
  • AIA standard – USB3 Vision standard compliant
  • Convenience – Available with several connectors: default Micro-B, Type-C, and flex cable
  • Software interfaces – GenICam / GenTL and highly optimized API / SDK for Image Processing
  • Connectivity and Synchronization – Programmable Opto-isolated input and output, 4 status LEDs
  • Highly Customizable – Board level stack for OEM use and with Flat ribbon flex cable connection
  • Interoperability increase – Optional sensor versions IMX249, IMX265, IMX264, IMX267, IMX304
  • Cost-efficient – Excellent value for the price through the utilization of the newest technologies

Ximea xiC USB3.1 MC089MG-SY-BRD Applications

  • Ultra-fast 3D scanning
  • Medical Imaging, Biometrics
  • Precision Moldings, Electronics, Photovoltaics, Robotic Welding
  • Miniature and accurate robotic arms
  • Industrial and Factory Automation, Machine Vision
  • Photogrammetry, Videogrammetry
  • High definition Motion capture, Cinematography, and Entertainment
  • Material and Life science microscopy (IR-DIC)
  • Marking and Labeling Verification, AOI, Food and Print inspection
  • 360 Panorama
  • Face recognition, Eye Tracking, Body scanner, People counting
  • Packaging and Kitting, Defect detection, Code recognition
  • Sports Broadcasting
  • Gauging, Manufacturing
  • Alignment and Assembly
  • Ophthalmology and Retinal imaging
  • ISR – Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, Security
  • Rapid process capturing, e.g. golf club swings, baseball, tennis, hockey
  • VR and AR (virtual or augmented reality), HMC (Head-mounted camera)
  • Intelligent Transportations Systems (ITS), Autonomous vehicles
  • Automation & Motion Tracking
  • Open road tolling (ANPR / ALPR) and Traffic monitoring
  • Metrology, OCR / OCV, Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS)
  • Automotive crash testing
  • ideal for UAV / UAS (drones) and Lola (Low Latency audiovisual streaming system)

Product Specifications