Prophotonix SpecBright Area Lights

Highlights The Prophotonix  SpecBright Area lights are uniquely uniform while maintaining a very high level of brightness as a result of their Chip-on-Board LED arrays. Available in a range of wavelengths and customizable to specific application requirements, these lights provide a compact yet powerful solution. The ProPhotonix SpecBright LED Area Lights are the brightest LED … Continued

Prophotonix SpecBright Spot Light

Highlights The Prophotonix SpecBright Spot Lights utilize Chip-on-Board LED arrays to provide extremely bright, uniform light from a compact form factor. These lights are designed for easy installation and the many options available make them an ideal solution for many applications. ProPhotonix SpecBright™ LED Spot lights to offer several times the brightness of lights of … Continued

Prophotonix SpecBright Ring Lights

Highlights The ProPhotonix SpecBright LED Ring lights are the brightest LED illuminators in their class, they are compact, high brightness LED Ring Lights. These LED Lights are designed and manufactured with a high LED packing density and excellent thermal management for optimum brightness and uniformity. ProPhotonix has designed the SpecBright™ LED Ring Lights to offer … Continued

ProPhotonix SpecBright Line Light

Highlights Uniquely uniform, the ProPhotonix SpecBright Line lights maintain a very high level of brightness. To achieve this level of brightness, we place up to 100 chip-on-board LEDs in a 98-mm (3.88-in) line in a package designed for superior thermal management. The SpecBright LED Line Light is uniquely designed to deliver maximum brightness from a … Continued