Prophotonix SpecBright Ring Lights


The ProPhotonix SpecBright LED Ring lights are the brightest LED illuminators in their class, they are compact, high brightness LED Ring Lights. These LED Lights are designed and manufactured with a high LED packing density and excellent thermal management for optimum brightness and uniformity. ProPhotonix has designed the SpecBright™ LED Ring Lights to offer extreme brightness from a compact form factor providing ease of integration and maximum performance. Available in a range of wavelengths, each Ring Light utilizes reliable LED technology and superior thermal management to deliver a high level of illumination over a selected field of view with excellent uniformity.

These high-performance high-power, high-uniformity illumination ring lights are ideal for OEMs, system integrators, and end-users who require bright, uniform, long-lasting illumination sources. SpecBright™ Ring Lights can be operated in continuous (CW) or pulsed mode. The Prophotonix SpecBright Ring Lights are available in 2 sizes and a number of wavelength and optical options. Custom solutions are also available to meet specific requirements.

Prophotonix SpecBright Ring Lights Features

  • Extremely bright, compact, and reliable
  • Chip-on-board technology
  • Superior uniformity
  • Seamless integration and mounting


  • Machine vision
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Microscopy
Prophotonix SpecBright Ring Lights