Prophotonix SpecBright Area Lights


The Prophotonix  SpecBright Area lights are uniquely uniform while maintaining a very high level of brightness as a result of their Chip-on-Board LED arrays. Available in a range of wavelengths and customizable to specific application requirements, these lights provide a compact yet powerful solution. The ProPhotonix SpecBright LED Area Lights are the brightest LED illuminators in their class. Up to 100 chip-on-board LEDs are placed in a very small area in a package designed for superior thermal management. This allows the LEDs to be driven to their potential, safely, for the longest possible lifetime and stability. The light is then focused on Fresnel aspherically corrected optics to create an extremely even output pattern over a relatively large area at short and medium distances. These compact LED Area Lights provide high-power, high-uniformity light well suited to machine vision, biomedical, fluorescence, strobing, and many other applications. The SpecBright Area Light illuminators are available with various divergence angles. They can be operated in continuous (CW) or pulsed mode. A backlight configuration is also available incorporating a diffuser.

Prophotonix SpecBright Area Lights Features

  • Extremely bright, compact, and reliable
  • Chip-on-Board LED technology
  • Excellent uniformity
  • Seamless Integration and mounting


  • Machine Vision
  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Prophotonix SpecBright Area Lights