ProPhotonix SpecBright Line Light


Uniquely uniform, the ProPhotonix SpecBright Line lights maintain a very high level of brightness. To achieve this level of brightness, we place up to 100 chip-on-board LEDs in a 98-mm (3.88-in) line in a package designed for superior thermal management. The SpecBright LED Line Light is uniquely designed to deliver maximum brightness from a compact LED Line Light. The design drives the LEDs to their potential, safely, for the longest possible lifetime and stability. To optimize performance, the light is focused in a narrowly divergent beam by Fresnel aspherically corrected optics to create an extremely bright and uniform output for short and medium working distances.

The Prophotonix SpecBright Line Lights are ideal for OEMs, system integrators, and end-users who require extremely compact and long-lasting illumination sources for their high-performance applications. The illuminators can be operated in continuous (CW) or pulsed mode. A backlight configuration is also available where the standard lens is replaced with a diffuser. Removing the lens (LN1) results in an extremely broad, bright, and uniform output pattern at short working distances.


  • Extremely bright, compact, and reliable
  • Chip-on-board technology
  • Superior uniformity
  • Seamless integration and mounting


  • Linescan illumination
  • Linear backlight illumination
ProPhotonix SpecBright Line Light