Metaphase Technologies MB-LL1707


The Metaphase Technologies MB-LL1707 MetaBright Line Light is another product in the Metaphase family of LED lights for line scan.  Its narrow, structured beam delivers high intensity and concentrated light for a narrow field of view of a traditional line scan camera.  The high intensity and uniformity allow the MetaBrightTM Line Light to be used as front light to inspect for material defects, angled to obtain an off-axis effect to highlight surface defects, or it may be placed beneath the object for a backlight effect to inspect for holes, voids, or contaminants.  The MetaBrightTM Line Light is available in a wide variety of LED colors such as white, red, green, blue, IR, UV (395 nm), and even RGB&IR with independent color control up to 150 inches (3.81m) in length for large web applications.

Metaphase Technologies MB-LL1707 Features

  • High uniformity both laterally and longitudinally
  • High intensity, over 1 million Lux
  • Lens options for various beam widths and working distances
  • Available in various Light wavelengths including IR, UV, and RGB
  • Strobe synchronization; control compatibility for high precision pulse-modulation and 0-10V intensity control capability
  • Adjustable lens focusing range of mm to meters
  • Backlight versions for web backlight & silhouetting applications
  • From 1” to 120” (10ft) in length
  • Built-in constant current driver(s) provides consistent illumination output
  • 24V version requires no special controllers; simply provide 24VDC

Metaphase Technologies MB-LL1707 Applications

The MB-LL1707 can be used in applications such as,

  • Web Inspection (Foil, Plastic Film, PCBs, glass, paper, web converting, etc)
  • Geometric measurements of long targets
  • Direct Position measurement
  • Printed circuit board inspection
  • Tube or bottle inspection
  • Quality control in food, chemicals, and the textile industry
  • Detection of holes in highly transparent films (Backlighting) and laminated glass
  • Nonwovens
  • Fabrics
  • Solar Cells
  • Hot Steel Inspection
  • Long Working distance applications such as tunnel, rail, or ceiling inspection
  • High precision, High accuracy measurement applications
  • Machine Vision & Automation
  • Robotic Inspection

Available Wavelengths

Product Specifications