Ametek Phantom TMX 5010

Highlights The Phantom TMX 5010 provides extreme frame rates utilizing our newest technology with the back side illuminated high-speed sensor. This is one of our most versatile and full featured cameras making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. The Phantom TMX 5010 is our entry level TMX back side illuminated (BSI) camera. This … Continued

Ametek Phantom TMX 6410

Highlights The Phantom TMX 6410 is designed for extreme high-speed situations. The back side illuminated (BSI) high-speed CMOS sensor it utilizes delivers the same quality images Phantom Cameras are known for. The Phantom TMX 6410 utilizes a back side illuminated CMOS sensor designed for high-speed imaging. The 64 Gigapixel throughput allows for extreme frame rate … Continued

Ametek Phantom TMX 7510

Highlights The Phantom TMX 7510 is the world’s first high-speed camera to utilize back side illumination. Implementing this technology has allowed Vision Research engineers to develop a custom sensor capable of unprecedented speeds without sacrificing the image quality that Phantom cameras are known for. BSI technology provides increased processing efficiency, allowing TMX cameras to maintain … Continued