Ametek Phantom TMX 5010


The Phantom TMX 5010 provides extreme frame rates utilizing our newest technology with the back side illuminated high-speed sensor. This is one of our most versatile and full featured cameras making it ideal for a wide variety of applications.

The Phantom TMX 5010 is our entry level TMX back side illuminated (BSI) camera. This model utilizes the same high-speed sensor as other TMX models but is ideal for laboratory and application settings. The 50Gpx/second throughput offers significant application flexibility and other powerful features such as enhanced sensitivity, memory capabilities, and a larger resolution at high frame rates can take research to the next level. Universities and other education institutions will benefit highly from the versatility of the TMX 5010.


  • 50,725 fps at 1280 x 800
  • Exposure Index: Mono 40,000 – 200,000 D | Color 12,500 – 62,500 D
  • Up to 512GB RAM
  • Binning Mode for added flexibility
  • 18.5 micron pixel
  • 12-bit depth
  • CineMag V compatibility
  • Full Phantom Features and connectivity
  • Programmable I/O – Assign and define camera signals

Product Specifications

AMETEK (Vision Research & Phantom Camera Technology)
Ametek Phantom TMX 5010

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