City & ITS

Neural Labs NL GHOST

Highlights: The NL GHOST camera uses high-resolution ultra-sensitive CMOS sensors and a 4 core internal processor to deliver superior performance of Traffic Analytics in scenarios up to 2 lanes.  In a single unit, it integrates camera, lighting, electronic lighting control, and Neural Labs traffic analytics solution, such as license plate reading, speed calculation, direction flow, … Continued

Neural Labs NL GHOST OV

Highlights: NL-GHOST OV is an all in one camera, able to process vehicle applied video analytics and to detect traffic incidents. The solution is equipped with two cameras, the first for video analytics with a high-resolution CMOS sensor, and the second, a movie camera, which records the surrounding scene, as evidence for the detected infractions. … Continued

Neural Labs VCOP Solution

Highlights The Neural Labs VCOP solution, mainly used in police vehicles, allows the real-time recognition of license plates, managing multiple lists, and associated actions. It can send alerts to the operator and perform pre and post-event recording, import information from the database, and generate automatic reports. The Neural labs VCOP solution is a valuable tool … Continued

Neural Labs Neural Server

Highlights The Neural Labs Neural Server vehicle recognition software, combines neural technology and artificial intelligence, to develop traffic analytics efficiently and quickly for any scenario: Onboard systems (police vehicles), cameras at fixed points (to recognize vehicle license plates continuously, at any speed). Our solution has been developed with the aim of offering cities, municipalities and … Continued