Neural Labs VCOP Solution


The Neural Labs VCOP solution, mainly used in police vehicles, allows the real-time recognition of license plates, managing multiple lists, and associated actions. It can send alerts to the operator and perform pre and post-event recording, import information from the database, and generate automatic reports. The Neural labs VCOP solution is a valuable tool for the identification and control of citizen security.

Neural Labs VCOP Features:

  • Developed and designed to be installed onboard in police cars, security forces or private security as well as for regulated parking or access control.
  • Recognizes all types of license plate registration numbers (including motorbikes) from over 60 countries worldwide – new countries are being added regularly.
  • Several cameras can be connected to the same vehicle, and each camera is able to monitor up to 2 lanes.
  • Manages lists and real-time searches to alert operators of any matches (stolen vehicles, uninsured vehicles, etc.).
  • is fully configurable remotely from Back-Office software in Central Unit.
  • Supports data transmissions (3G, 4G / LTE).
  • It can be integrated with GIS Systems – Exporting vehicle detections, location data.
  • Manages multiple lists on searched vehicles.
  • Ability to assign certain searches per vehicle, for different types of lists or database (stolen vehicles, uninsured vehicles, terrorism, etc.)
  • Real-time visual and audible alerts in the vehicle and in BackOffice Software.
  • Ability to manually correct wrong or incomplete readings, as well as manual entry of a license plate.
  • Observations of the operator are recorded. All transmitted data is encrypted.
  • Multiple user access profiles with audit log changes.
  • Multi-zone: Manages several cities or municipalities in a single server.
  • Automated emails with alerts.
  • 24/7 recognition, even in adverse weather conditions.
  • Each license plate is geo-referenced.
  • Integration with GIS Systems.
  • Autonomous operation when the loss of communication with Central Unit and automatic recovery.
  • Ability to integrate cameras from different


  • POLICE FORCE- Uninsured vehicle detection, Stolen vehicles, Terrorist search
  • PRIVATE SECURITY- Detecting presence in restricted areas
  • MONITORING AND SURVEILLANCE- Industrial estates,
    Factories and large companies facilities, Villages, Residential communities
  • SPECIFIC VEHICLE TRACKING & STUDIES-Monitoring of vehicle circulation areas determining routes and habits
  • CAR PARK & ACCESS CONTROL- Automation in the control of regulated car parks.


Product Specifications

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Neural Labs VCOP Solution