Neural Labs NL GHOST OV


NL-GHOST OV is an all in one camera, able to process vehicle applied video analytics and to detect traffic incidents. The solution is equipped with two cameras, the first for video analytics with a high-resolution CMOS sensor, and the second, a movie camera, which records the surrounding scene, as evidence for the detected infractions. It also has an internal Quad-Core processor, to provide a superior performance processing up to two lanes.

VEHICLE VIDEO ANALYTICS- NL-GHOST OV can process the following video analytics: license plate recognition, speed calculation, color detection, vehicle classification, make of the vehicle as well as direction, lane, and country.

AID – AUTOMATIC INCIDENT DETECTION- This unit can automatically detect traffic incidents performing analytics such as:

  • Average speed calculation
  • Red light control
  • Photo Stop control
  • Wrong turn control
  • Opposite direction detection
  • Forbidden stop in a prohibited area
  • Control of restricted areas, such as pedestrian zones.
  • Control of Low Emissions Zone (LEZ).

The performance of these analytics is always supported by the images taken by the onvif camera, in order to record video evidence of the traffic incident. NL GHOST OV processes internally both the video analytics and traffic incidents, delivering only the results, which saves bandwidth considerably. It also has internal storage, which makes the unit tolerant to network drops. Each unit is delivered calibrated and tested, for its easy lateral or overhead installation.

BACK OFFICE- NL GHOST OV is complemented with NEURAL VIEWER which is the operator software that allows to:

  • View all the recognitions
  • Perform historical searches
  • Receive alarms
  • Validate and export penalties for traffic incidents
  • List management
  • Operator management
  • Monitor the status of each NL GHOST OV unit


NL GHOST OV comes with a standard RJ45 socket port and two banks of Infra-red strobe illuminators to provide optimal illumination at night. It has an extended temperature range (-40oC and +60oC). The camera has an aluminum housing with a 4mm glass front. It includes a stainless steel sun visor to protect the unit from adverse weather. Its top opening allows easy access for quickly wiring and optimize conveniently the start-up of the unit, which also includes a color camera.

  • 3.2 MPIX sensor (2064×1536)
  • Strobe lighting and electronic lighting control.
  • Multiple reading of number plates in a single field of view.
  • Superior low light performance: 1/1.8” CMOS Global Shutter sensor.
  • 24Vdc power supply
  • Standard 60GB storage, expandable up to 640GB
  • Fixed lens for viewing at a distance from 15 to 35 meters.
  • Option to capture the license plate image as well as the surrounding scene with the same unit.
  • 23 LED to illuminate up to two lanes of road width.
  • Standard IP 66 assemble
  • Extended temperature range CPU
  • ONVIF color camera included (check available models from manufacturers, Vivotek, Axis, etc)
  • Traffic incidents results sent via XML, JSON, SFTP
  • Time synchronism by NTP/SNTP or GPS

Advanced Ghost Options:

  • People tracking
  • People counting
  • People wrong crossing
  • Crosswalk violation
  • Traffic jam – queues detection
  • Pedestrians in highway detection
  • Abandoned objects on the road/highway

Product Specifications

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Neural Labs NL GHOST OV

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