Metaphase Technologies MB-DAL1005


The Metaphase Technologies MB-DAL1005 Diffused Axial Light uses beam-splitter technology to radiate homogenous, coaxial illumination in line with the camera aperture. Diffused coaxial lighting eliminates dark spots or shadows inherent in other forms of illumination and allows the camera to be placed at a longer working distance. Equipped with multiple tapped holes for mounting, the MB-DAL can be easily integrated into existing vision systems. An advanced thermal management system ensures a long lifetime and cost-effectiveness. Various wavelengths including red, green, blue, white, IR, UV, and RGB are available. The MB-DAL is also available with strobe and dimming options.

Metaphase Technologies MB-DAL1005 Features

  • An exclusive optical beam splitter and diffuser stack
  • Multiple tapped holes for ease of mounting
  • Thermal management affords cost-effective design
  • Optional dust cover protection available
  • Very high intensity with ±5% uniformity
  • The MB-DAL1005 Diffused Axial Light has a High-Density Precision Chip Technology (HDPCT)
  • Built-in Constant Current Driver with 0 – 10VDC intensity control
  • Compatible with DDC-3 and ILD-35 Dimmers
  • Flicker-free performance and instant startup with Metaphase analog driver technology

Metaphase Technologies MB-DAL1005 Applications

  • Sphere inspection for surface flaws
  • Defect detection in glass/plastic containers
  • Ball-Bearing inspection
  • CD/DVD label inspection
  • Bottlecap inspection
  • Screw/Bolt thread inspection
  • Inspection of LCD displays; medical and automotive components etc.
  • Ideal for reflective/shiny surfaces

Product Specifications