JAI Spark SP-45000M-CXP4A


The JAI Spark Series SP-45000M-CXP4A offers full CXP-12 lane speeds providing 44.7-megapixel monochrome resolution at a market-leading 52 frames per second and 8K resolution at 65 frames per second. Built around the OnSemi XGS 45000 CMOS imager, it offers a rare combination of high resolution, high frame rate, and high image quality, well suited to a wide range of high-performance applications.

Delivering 8192 x 5460 pixels at 52 fps (8-bit) and 47 fps (10-bit or 12-bit), the Jai Spark Series SP-45000M-CXP4A’s combination of speed and resolution makes it ideal for flat panel inspection, sports, mapping, electronics, high-end surveillance, and many other applications where detailed analyses are required across a wide area. With an exceptionally low dark noise rating (<5e-), the SP-45000-CXP4 boasts 67 dB of standard dynamic range, extendable to 73 dB by built-in linear or knee-point HDR functions for both monochrome and color models. For applications that demand the highest possible image quality, the SP-45000-CXP4 features a Frame Integration mode that can average the exposures of up to 8 sequential frames to dramatically reduce the amount of shot noise in the image.


  • 44.7-megapixel resolution at 52 fps over 2 or 4 CoaXPress lanes.
  • 8K resolution (7680 x 4320) at 65 fps. 10-bit or 12-bit 8Kresolution at 60 fps.
  • Compact 31.5 mm sensor diagonal with 3.2-micron square pixels.
  • Global shutter CMOS imager for no motion-related distortion.
  • Monochrome output with 67 dB of standard dynamic range.
  • Built-in HDR functions provide up to 73 dB of HDR as 14-bit linear output or 8/10/12-bit knee-point compressed images.
  • Single ROI and multi-ROI modes with up to 64 defined regions.
  • Lens control function for utilizing Birger Mount via RS-232C lens control commands
  • Supports vertical and horizontal image flipping.
  • Image sequencer plus frame integration modes for noise reduction or HDR.
  • Automatic Level Control (ALC) for dynamic lighting conditions.
  • Four-channel CoaXPress v2.0 interface supporting up to 12.5 Gbps per lane over micro BNC connectors.
  • Can share processing across multiple PCs via the CoaXPress link sharing function.
  • Industrial grade performance with 80G shock and 10G vibration rating.

Product Specifications