JAI Go Series Polarized Area Scan GO-5100MP-USB


JAI provides a wide selection of single-sensor monochrome area scan cameras with resolutions ranging from 2.35 to 45 megapixels. Cameras are built around state-of-the-art sensor technology including the latest CMOS global shutter imagers.All cameras are designed to perform in tough environments to withstand operating conditions with high vibration effects (up to 10G) and high shock occurrence (up to 80G). This classifies them among the best in relation to industrial reliability and durability.

Product Description:

The GO-5100MP-USB is a compact industrial polarization area scan camera built around Sony’s IMX250MZR polarized CMOS sensor. It features 5.1 MP resolution, a frame rate of 74 fps and an innovative 4-way polarizing wire-grid design creating a range of new imaging possibilities in industrial machine vision, traffic imaging and surveillance.

Image Sensor with Polarization Capabilities: Each image pixel incorporates one of four separate polarizing nano wire grids angled at 0°, 45°, 90°, and 135° arranged in a regular pattern across the sensor. Thus, each block of four pixels can be used as a calculation block to determine the angle and intensity of light in a scene.

Advanced In-Camera Processing Features: In-camera processing algorithms calculate polarization angle, light ratio, and appearance with diffuse light removed. Other functions display diffuse light only (without polarization) and average light for each pixel, plus pseudo-color overlays on monochrome or gray-tone images.

USB3 Vision Interface: The GO-5100MP-USB is equipped with a USB3 Vision interface enabling it to provide full 5.1 megapixel resolution (in 8-bit output) at up to 74 frames per second. 10-bit and 12-bit output is also supported.


  • 5.1-megapixel camera featuring Sony IMX250MZR CMOS polarized sensor.
  • Four different polarizing nano wire grids (0°, 45°, 90°, 135°) applied to each 4-pixel block.
  • Outputs raw 5.1 megapixel mosaic image or decimated images from each polarizing angle.
  • Built-in functions to calculate polarization angle, ratio, and appearance with diffuse light removed.
  • Additional functions display diffuse light only (without polarization) and average for each pixel.
  • Advanced algorithms provide pseudo-color overlay over monochrome and over gray images for easier analysis.
  • 8, 10, or 12-bit monochrome output.
  • Compact size and smart design.
  • USB3 Vision interface for plug-and-play convenience.
  • Single and Multi-ROI modes for flexible windowing and use of smaller optics.
  • Industrial grade performance with 80G shock, 10G vibration, and over 175,000 hrs. MTBF ratings.

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