Ametek Phantom VEO-E 310L


The Phantom VEO-E 310L is compact, lightweight, and cost-effective. Leveraging the reliable Phantom VEO camera base it is meant for software-based high-speed imaging.

The Phantom VEO-E 310L is a 3 Gpx/second high-speed camera with a 1 Mpx sensor delivered in 35mm format. This combination is perfect for college and university laboratory settings as it allows researchers to use high quality and readily available optics while achieving the frame rates required for a variety of subject matter.


  • 3,200 fps at 1280 x 800
  • Exposure Index: Mono 6,400 – 32,000 | Color 1,250-6,400
  • Up to 36 GB RAM
  • 12-bit depth
  • Full Phantom Features and connectivity
  • Programmable I/O – Assign and define camera signals

Product Specifications

AMETEK (Vision Research & Phantom Camera Technology)
Ametek Phantom VEO-E 310L

Available Variations