Adimec SAPPHIRE Series S-49A70-Kx/CXP-12


The SAPPHIRE S-49A70 camera delivers superior performance in 49 Megapixel resolution running at 70 fps in low power, compact outline design.


  • Gpixel GMAX3249 sensor
  • 7000 x 7008 pixels at 70 fps
  • High dynamic range, low noise, high sensitivity
  • Pixel-based non-uniformity correction
  • No active cooling required
  • Optimized for tool matching
  • Adimec Connect & Grab™ – easy system integration
  • Compatible with other CXP cameras in the SAPPHIRE series
  • High Resolution Metrology Camera

Product Specifications

Adimec SAPPHIRE Series S-49A70-Kx/CXP-12-Photo-1

Available Variations

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