Adimec Sapphire Series S-25A80


The Adimec Sapphire S-25A80 CoaXPress camera delivers 5120 x 5120 pixel resolution at 84+ fps based on 4.5 micron square pixels. The S-25A80 camera supports OnSemi Python 25 Mpx sensor. The solution with the new Python sensor offers the best performance on sensitivity, dynamic range and global shutter performance. The Adimec Sapphire Series S-25A80 camera comes with a low power compact outline design, not requiring forced cooling through a fan. This provides optimal design freedom for integrating optics and placement in inspection tools with optimized uniformity and low noise performance. The Sapphire is based on Adimec’s second generation CoaXPress V1.1.1 compliant 25 Gb/s CoaXPress Quad interface. This interface is fully backward compatible to existing V1.0 frame grabbers.


  • 25 Mpx at 84+ fps
  • CoaXPress QUAD
  • ROI imaging
  • Accurate sensor mounting
  • Low power

All Sapphire models are customizable to fit customer-specific functionality requirements.

Product Specifications

Adimec Sapphire Series S-25A80

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