Smart Vision Lights 4ZMD

Highlights The Smart Vision Lights 4ZMD is an external driver with four individual built-in channels, allowing control of up to four zones within a single light or four individual lights with no built-in drivers. Users can set different intensity levels for each zone channel because they act independently of each other. Also, depending on the … Continued

Smart Vision Lights 4WMD

Highlights The Smart Vision Lights 4WMD is a four-channel external driver developed for multi-wavelength lights. The 4WMD permits up to four individual wavelengths to be controlled independently of each other. This external driver includes Multi-Drive, which allows a single channel to drive LEDs in continuous operation, or OverDrive strobe mode separate from the other channels. … Continued

Smart Vision Lights DADL

Highlights The Smart Vision Lights DADL is the Controller for the DADL75 to assist in fine-tuning colors. The DADL75 series was designed as a multi-color inspection light with built-in individual on-axis and off-axis intensity control with simplicity and functionality in mind. Its exceptional uniformity and an intense output design make the DADL75 a perfect lighting … Continued

Smart Vision Lights LLM

Highlights The Smart Vision Lights LLM can drive multiple lights of virtually any type or up to four individual zones or channels within an integrated photometric or multispectral ring light solution. Each program can contain up to six sequences with up to four lights set to continuous on, off, any intensity level in between, and … Continued

Metaphase Technologies LC2-PWM20

Highlights The Metaphase Technologies LC2-PWM20 dual-channel, pulse width modulated LED intensity controller outputs 12V PWM from 0-100% at 100kHz to drive LED loads with series limiting resistors. The maximum output is 20W per channel and 30W combined for two channels. Power is limited by the 24V power supply. Metaphase Technologies LC2-PWM20 LED intensity controller Functions … Continued

Metaphase Technologies DDC-3

Highlights The Metaphase Technologies’ DDC-3 Digital Dimming Controller provides 0-10VDC dimming control for three independent LED loads in increments of 0.1V. The DDC-3 Digital Dimming Controller may be remotely controlled over Ethernet using Metaphase Technologies’ MetaBOSS Windows software or by third-party programs using DDC-3’s Ethernet Commands. User-adjustments of the DDC-3 are provided by way of … Continued

Metaphase Technologies ULC-2

Highlights The Metaphase Technologies ULC-2 Universal LED Controller provides independent, constant-current control for two LED loads at up to 4 amps continuous DC and maximum output power of 60 Watts per channel. In Pulse (Strobe) Mode, the ULC-2 Universal LED Controller is capable of output currents up to 40 amps. The ULC-2 is capable of … Continued