Metaphase Technologies LC2-PWM20


The Metaphase Technologies LC2-PWM20 dual-channel, pulse width modulated LED intensity controller outputs 12V PWM from 0-100% at 100kHz to drive LED loads with series limiting resistors. The maximum output is 20W per channel and 30W combined for two channels. Power is limited by the 24V power supply.

Metaphase Technologies LC2-PWM20 LED intensity controller Functions & Controls

Metaphase Technologies  LC2-PWM20 Functions & Controls

1.Power Limiter Switch (default setting is NORM) NORM: Limits light adjustment range to 0 to 60% to protect LED element. Always use the NORM setting when operating the device with continuous lighting by pushing the switch away from the face panel.FULL: Allows an intensity adjustment range of 0 to 100% by pulling the switch towards the face panel.

2.Standby Switch

3.Channel 1 intensity adjustment

4.Channel 2 intensity adjustment

5.Channel 1 output connector

6.Channel 2 output connector

7.Input Terminals

Metaphase Technologies  LC2-PWM20 Input Terminals

Metaphase Technologies  LC2-PWM20 input Terminals

1.24 VDC Power supply should be limited to 1.8A max

2.0V Power Supply 24V RTN

3.COM External control Common terminal

4.EXT 1 External control input channel 1 (0-24V)
• Deactivates channel 1 when shorted to COM

5.EXT 2 External control input channel 2 (0-24V)
• Deactivates channel 2 when shorted to COM

Product Specifications

Metaphase (Lights)
Metaphase Technologies LC2-PWM20