Metaphase Technologies DDC-3


The Metaphase Technologies’ DDC-3 Digital Dimming Controller provides 0-10VDC dimming control for three independent LED loads in increments of 0.1V. The DDC-3 Digital Dimming Controller may be remotely controlled over Ethernet using Metaphase Technologies’ MetaBOSS Windows software or by third-party programs using DDC-3’s Ethernet Commands. User-adjustments of the DDC-3 are provided by way of a user-friendly LCD interface.

Metaphase Technologies DDC-3 Wire Recommendations

  • Minimum recommended wire size – 24AWG
  • The device is driven by the DDC-3’s 0-10V output should be located close to the DDC-3, ideally 10 ft (3 meters) or less. However, the maximum distance is strongly determined by the electrical noise in the operating environment. In general, the 0-10V output wire pair should be twisted and/or shielded so they do not create an enclosed area in which to pick up magnetic fields from external sources. The output wire pair should not be located near wires carrying high voltage (120V or greater) or fast-rising edges (solenoids) which could induce noise into the DDC-3 output. Typical signal noise suppression techniques such as putting flyback “snubber” diodes across inductive loads (solenoid coil) should be utilized.


  • 3 Channel Output
  • Din Rail Mountable
  • Compact Design
  • LCD Display
  • Ethernet  and USB Connectivity


  • Machine Vision & Automation Systems
  • Robotic Inspection

Product Specifications

Metaphase (Lights)
Metaphase Technologies DDC-3