Access Control

Neural Labs Neural Orchestrator

Highlights The Neural Labs Neural Orchestrator is the solution that allow us to detect and analyze these new actors and its movement. It’s objective is to analyze traffic independently of the camera’s model or brand. Using Deep Learning techniques, it analyses the scene recognizing objects, it individualizes and classifies them to, afterwards, monitor (track) each … Continued

Neural Labs Neural Edge

Highlights The Neural Labs NEURAL EDGE is the Neural Labs’ embedded solution for License Plate Recognition (LPR/ ANPR) designed for urban environments and vehicle access control. Furthermore, if used in specific camera models, it detects make, color, speed and vehicle classification: car, motorcycle, bus, truck and van. The LPR analysis is executed inside the camera, … Continued

Neural Labs License Plate Recognition

Highlights The Neural Labs license plate recognition software (ANPR) Neural Server, is an effective solution for access control, allowing parking lots to get real-time information on vehicles entering or leaving. Manages the access of authorized and restricted vehicles, recognizing license plates with a trigger (inductive loop, photocell, etc.), continuously and acting on access barriers according … Continued