Neural Labs License Plate Recognition


The Neural Labs license plate recognition software (ANPR) Neural Server, is an effective solution for access control, allowing parking lots to get real-time information on vehicles entering or leaving. Manages the access of authorized and restricted vehicles, recognizing license plates with a trigger (inductive loop, photocell, etc.), continuously and acting on access barriers according to entry lists, simplifying times and integrating easily with various video systems surveillance; providing in this way to businesses or homes, circulation safely and automatically.

The Neural Labs license plate recognition software (ANPR) Neural Server is an excellent tool to perform and control capacity and time spent in parking; thus providing the end-user (shopping centers, institutions, official entities, companies with their own transport fleet, private parking, etc.) the ability to detect critical areas and evaluate travel times, to improve processes. Thanks to the option of having overview cameras, it is also possible to have evidence of the state in which the vehicles have entered the parking lot; in the event that it is necessary to perform an audit of their status.

As a marketing tool through brand identification and classification, personalized advertising campaigns can be generated in the entrance of car parks of commercial establishments, in order to inform about the products or services that are offered and thus attract the attention of the potential buyers and report discounts or promotions to your specific market.

EMBEDDED SOLUTION- Neural Labs’ embedded solution for simple LPR projects. The recognition algorithm is executed inside the Vivotek camera, avoiding the use of a computer in access control, tolls, weighing projects, etc.

INCLUDESNEURAL VIEWER OPERATOR SOFTWARE- Historical search by plate, make, color, classification, time, direction, lane, etc., Multiple user management, Real-time display of the last plate read by each camera, Multi list management, and associated actions, Alerts to operators, Pre & post-event video recording, Excel/pdf export, Automated reports, Penalties management.

OCCUPANCY MANAGEMENT- Entrance and exit management, Allows bidirectional lanes, Car inventory, Length of stay management, Automated reports by email.

The Neural Labs License Plate Recognition Features

  •  Neural Labs Neural Server uses Neuronal technology and Deep Learning to perform Traffic Analytics in a fast and efficient way, whatever the target scenario
  • It can recognize license plates continuously or can be triggered by a loop, photocell, etc
  • It can operate barriers using multiple lists
  • It detects make, color, speed, traffic direction and lane, and classifies vehicles
  • Neural Labs License Plate Recognition software can manage capacity control and detection of the length of stay in a private car park
  • Alert generation based on multiple lists
  • Automatic reports by emails (occupancy, etc)
  • More than 70 countries supported it
  • Open Architecture
  • Neural Labs Proprietary technology
  • Camera and VMS Agnostic (independent)
  • It supports ADR plates (dangerous goods)
  • Grammar control
  • Repeated plates filter
  • Image pre-processing for shadow filter
  • Perspective correction.
  • Real-time recognition modes, by the external trigger and motion detection
  • Easy integration from third-party software
  • Allows centralized, distributed, or mixed architectures

License Plate Recognition Applications

  • PRIVATE CAR PARKS-List based automated access for residents, employees, providers, etc., Audit of car state, Historic register of entrance and exit, Forensic investigation, Vehicles without Insurance.
  • TOLLING WITH BARRIER- Tag verification, External auditing of the number of transits
  • MALLS- Alarms on known offenders, Occupancy control, Length of stay management, Forensic investigation on incidents, Personalized publicity.
  • PORTS and LOGISTIC ZONES-Tractor and trailer license plate match verification, Container code, and license plate match verification.

Supported Cameras

Vivotek, AVT, Axis, Avigilon, Bosch, Huawei, IDS, IndigoVision, JAI, JVC, Mobotix, Pelco, Sony, Vicon, HikVision, Messoa, Dahua among others



Supported VMS



Product Specifications

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Neural Labs License Plate Recognition