Neural Labs Neural Edge


The Neural Labs NEURAL EDGE is the Neural Labs’ embedded solution for License Plate Recognition (LPR/ ANPR) designed for urban environments and vehicle access control. Furthermore, if used in specific camera models, it detects make, color, speed and vehicle classification: car, motorcycle, bus, truck and van.

The LPR analysis is executed inside the camera, using its own processing resources, reducing the servers´ costs and offering a solution to installations with limited connectivity resources.


  • Recognition rate between 95% and 99%
  • Recognizes license plates from 70 countries
  • Multi-country – Recognizes several countries at simultaneously
  • Recognition of all legal and current license plates
  • Direction detection
  • Up to 2 lanes definition capability
  • Area of interest detection
  • Response time between 100 ms and 1000 ms
  • Multilanguage
  • Realtime viewer for operation checkout
Neural Labs
Neural Labs Neural Edge