VS Technology VS-LLD15


The VS Technology  VS-LLD15 distortionless design, in combination with a Floating System of internal lens elements, allows it to deliver high-resolution performance at any magnification. With a maximum sensor size of up to 4/3,” the VS-LLD series offers a great selection for use in many applications.

VS Technology VS-LLD15 Features

  • 4/3″ sensor support
  • 9 models available
  • Focal lengths 10 – 50mm
  • Distortionless
  • High Resolution
  • Floating System

What is a Floating System?

Normally lenses shift just a single group of elements internally when focusing. Having additional floating elements (see diagram) can significantly improve the close-focus performance, Due to the floating component being separate from the group of focusing lens elements, aberrations caused by lens extensions are significantly reduced. The VS Technology VS-LLD15 lens makes exceptionally great use of this system because it covers a wide range of focus distances at a wide-angle.

Product Specifications

VS Technology
VS Technology VS-LLD15

Available Variations