Prophotonix 3D PRO Mini


The Prophotonix 3D PRO Mini has been designed specifically for machine vision applications where space is restricted. Designed specifically for 3D imaging applications where space is restricted, the 3D PRO Laser Mini offers high performance from a compact 10mm diameter package. Available in a range of wavelengths, powers, and optical options, this laser offers a complete solution. These structured light lasers have a compact cylindrical form factor based on industry-standard dimensions for easy integration into existing applications. The Prophotonix  3D PRO Mini IR Laser Module is 10mm in diameter, compatible with the majority of existing machine vision systems. The laser is available with a customer-specified fixed focus. The 3D PRO Mini Laser module offers excellent uniformity with line widths down to 30μm at 120mm which is ideal for inspection applications that demand a high degree of accuracy. They are available with fan angles between 10° and 90°. Wavelengths range from 635nm to 850nm. The 3D PRO Mini range is available in a wide variety of line and diffractive optic options.

Prophotonix 3D PRO Mini Laser Features

  • Compact, 10mm Diameter Cylindrical Housing
  • Lightweight
  • Wavelengths from 635nm to 850nm
  • Excellent Uniformity
  • The line width of 30μm at 120mm
  • Available Options Include: Power Levels, Fan Angles, Diffractive Options, CW & TTL Modulation


  • 3D Measurement
  • Dimensional Scanning
  • High Precision Alignment, Pointing, Positioning
  • Automated Inspection


The Prophotonix 3D PRO Mini Laser Module can deliver a range of uniformities dependent on customer requirements. 3D PRO Laser Mini achieves a standard uniformity of ±22.5%. A higher uniformity option is available with uniformity of ±12.5%.

Product Specifications

Prophotonix 3D PRO Mini

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