Prophotonix PROdigii Digital


The Prophotonix PROdigii Digital IR laser module has been designed to deliver outstanding wavelength stability and thermal management in the most challenging operating environments. The RS485 intelligent control and monitoring interface provides ease of integration and in-service system function monitoring. The laser module’s design also incorporates integral thermal management providing exceptional output wavelength stabilization and enhancing diode life by controlling output power and maintaining consistent power levels. The new Prophotonix PROdigii digital IR laser module is available in a range of wavelengths from 375nm to 940nm with user-defined output power profiles at up to 500mW continuous-wave or 1W pulsed, for high-speed, precise image capture. The PROdigii digital IR laser may be configured as a uniform line generator for 3D measurement applications or with a focused elliptical output beam for analytical, spectroscopic, or high-precision alignment applications. Diffractive patterns are also available. The compact, cylindrical form factor and custom mounting options make for straightforward incorporation into OEM products and machine vision systems.

Prophotonix PROdigii Digital Features

  • Wavelengths: 375nm, 405nm, 450nm, 520nm, 638nm, 660nm, 808nm, 905nm and 940nm
  • Compact, High Performance, Digital Laser Module
  • RS485 Intelligent Control and Monitoring
  • Integral Thermal Management
  • Uniform Line, Elliptical Spot, or Diffractive Patterns available
  • Output Power up to 500mW (CW); 1W (pulsed)


  • 3D Measurement Especially in Challenging Conditions
  • High Precision Alignment
  • Chemical and Biomedical Analysis and Spectroscopy
  • 3D Printing
  • Particle Measurement
  • Spectroscopy
  • High-Speed Automated Inspection
  • Robotics and Gesture Recognition
  • LiDAR
  • UV Curing


The Prophotonix PROdigii Digital IR laser modules can deliver a range of uniformities dependent on customer requirements. The PROdigii Laser achieves a standard uniformity ±22.5%.

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Prophotonix PROdigii Digital

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