Metaphase Technologies MS-BL12x12


The Metaphase Technologies MS-BL12x12 MetaStandard Backlight provides a more economical option to the MetaBright Backlights for applications requiring large active areas for silhouetting or transmissive applications. Utilizing a Full-Array LED layout provides better uniformity and intensity compared to large-sized edge-lit backlights. Using Metaphase analog driver technology you will get flicker-free performance and dimming control. With 30,000 Lux of Intensity and +/10% uniformity, the MetaStandard Backlight is a leader in price and performance. Metaphase Technologies offers the world’s largest selection of machine vision and specialty LED Illumination. Since 1993, our engineering expertise in designing for integration into vision systems has enhanced a vast array of products. Metaphase illumination for industrial applications such as automation systems, line scan inspection, and fast-capture imaging strobe gives an edge to our customers in manufacturing and quality assurance. Most recently we’ve expanded our scope to develop illumination for security applications such as border patrol, law enforcement, and military markets.

Metaphase Technologies MS-BL12x12 Features

  • More Economical option for applications requiring larger sized silhouetting and inspections
  • The MS-BL12x12 MetaStandard Backlight has a full-array LED layout for better uniformity and intensity compared to larger sized edge-lit backlights
  • 30,000 Lux of intensity, minimal and ±10% uniformity
  • Optional Constant Current driver with 0-10VDC intensity control
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes in square and rectangular formats
  • Flicker-free performance and instant startup with Metaphase analog driver technology

Metaphase Technologies MS-BL12x12 Applications

  • Absence/presence of objects
  • Defect detection in glass/plastic containers
  • Printed circuit board through-hole inspection
  • Bottlecap inspection
  • Screw/Bolt thread inspection
  • Glass sheet defect inspection
  • Sorting and packaging facilities
  • Medical products inspections
  • Machine Vision & Automation
  • Robotic Inspection

Product Specifications