KAYA Instruments Iron 3249


The Kaya Instruments Iron 3249 is a low-cost, low-power, high resolution global CMOS camera with up to 25 Gbps CoaXPress v2.0 interface (Micro-BNC connector) which supports 49 MP high quality video at rates of up to 36fps. The Iron CoaXPress 3249 ruggedized camera is designed to fit very small places. The wide range of operating temperatures, spanning from -40°C to 70°C , enables it to function under severe environmental conditions. The high resolution of 7008 x 7000 provides a sensitive high-quality video output at a high speed that would meet almost any need.


  • 49 Megapixel up to 35 fps
  • Up to 9W power at full rate
  • Full image processing feature set
  • Up to 25 Gbps CoaXPress interface
  • F, EF, Birger EF or M42-mount
  • Full EMVA1288 report
  • Full built-in self-test (BIT)
  • Full built-in voltage testing
  • Customization as per user requirements
  • Wide temperature range
  • Vibration resistant


  • Perimeter vision
  • 3D
  • Low light surveillance
  • Special Effects
  • VR

Product Specifications