Intel RealSense Depth D415


The Intel RealSense D415 has a standard field of view well suited for high-accuracy applications such as 3D scanning. With a rolling shutter on the depth sensor, the D415 offers our highest depth quality per degree. If accuracy is the most crucial factor for your solution, the D415 is a perfect choice. The D415 has a tightly focused field of view, which offers higher quality depth per degree. Featuring an integrated RGB sensor, the D415 is perfect for facial authentication, 3D scanning, or volumetric capture. With the Intel RealSense depth camera D415, Intel maintains its track record of bringing exciting new vision-sensing products to market. This camera puts an Intel module and vision processor into a small form factor ideal for development and productization. Lightweight, powerful, and low‑cost, it pairs with customizable software to enable a one-stop shop to assemble and create a new generation of sensing solutions and devices that can better understand and interact with their surroundings. The D415 has a standard field of view and uses rolling shutter sensors. This field of view results in higher depth resolution for smaller objects or when more precise measurements are required. The rolling shutter sensors and smaller lenses allow for a lower cost yet highly capable depth camera.


  • Intel® RealSense Vision Processor D4
  • Up to 1280×720 active stereo depth resolution
  • Up to 1920×1080 RGB resolution
  • Depth Diagonal Field of View over 70°
  • Dual rolling shutter sensors for up to 90 FPS depth streaming
  • Range 0.3m to over 10m (Varies with lighting conditions)

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