FLIR Blackfly S BFS-U3-120S6C-C


The FLIR Blackfly S BFS-U3-120S6C-C color camera offers 12.3 MP, 30 FPS, and a Sony IMX545 1/1.1″ CMOS sensor. The Blackfly® S camera leverages the industry’s most advanced sensors in an ice-cube form factor. It is packed with powerful features enabling you to easily produce the exact images you need and accelerate your application development. This includes both automatic and precise manual control over image capture and on-camera pre-processing.


  • Functionality designed to maximize performance and reliability
  • 240 MB image buffer
  • LED status indicators
  • On-camera image processing pipeline
  • Compact: 29 mm × 29 mm × 39 mm
  • 3 Year Warranty

Product Specifications