FISSO Mounting Plate


The FISSO articulated holder and mount is a highly adaptable accessory that is used to securely mount a machine vision camera or sensor in a fixed position to ensure accuracy and stability in imaging applications. The mount helps to eliminate movement or vibration that could affect image quality and distort the results. The FISSO machine vision mount can be adjusted to different angles, and some mounts can be customized to fit the camera or sensor’s specific shape and size.

With just one central knob, it’s never been easier to position vision cameras, photoelectric sensors or lights for maximum visibility. Virtually any position, no matter how complex, can be created, easily adjusted and permanently fixed. This solution is much more time-saving than rigid and therefore non-adjustable camera mounts, and therefore more cost-effective.


  • Compatible with T-Slot Aluminum Frame(mm): 20×20 | 30×30 | 40×40
  • Thread Options: M6 | M8
  • Color: Red

Product Specifications