Ametek Phantom T4040


The T4040 delivers a custom 4.2 Mpx back side illuminated sensor in the compact T-Series form factor. Operators are able to capture the highest combination of resolution and speed possible.

The Phantom T4040 captures 4Mpx resolution images at speeds not previously possible. Our proprietary sensor with back side illuminated (BSI) architecture ensures 40Gpx/s data throughput is sustained and a max frame rate of 440,000 fps. A peak Quantum Efficiency rating above 90% ensures the sensor’s ability to capture images at lower light levels.


  • 9,350 fps at 1280 x 800
  • Exposure Index: Mono 12,500 – 64,000 D | Color 3,200 – 16,000 D
  • Up to 256GB RAM
  • Binning Mode – frame rate boost at 1280 x 832 and below
  • 12-bit depth
  • CineMag V compatibility
  • Full Phantom Features and connectivity
  • Programmable I/O – Assign and define camera signals

Product Specifications

AMETEK (Vision Research & Phantom Camera Technology)
Ametek Phantom T4040

Available Variations