Adimec Diamond Series D-103A12x/CXP-T01


The DIAMOND D-103A12-T CoaXPress camera delivers 103 megapixel images at 12 fps optimized for LCD, OLED, and MicroLED inspections. The TEC in combination with long exposure DSNU correction guarantee superb camera performance in challenging environments where the ambient temperature fluctuates.


  • GPIXEL GMAX32103
  • 11264 x 9200 pixels at 12 fps
  • Dynamic range > 66.4 dB
  • Designed for dark and bright inspection
  • Long exposure DSNU correction
  • Optimized for tool matching
  • Quad CXP-12 interface

Product Specifications

Adimec Diamond Series D-103A12x/CXP-T01

Available Variations