Adimec Diamond Series D-65A09-KX/CXP-6


The D-65A09 is designed mainly for LCD inspection applications, which typically use long exposure times. It uses a single CoaXPress connection which provides a cost-effective system solution and still allows a throughput of 9 frames per second. The camera does include all the uniformity corrections that make the D-65 camera range perfect for display inspection.


  • Gpixel GMAX3265
  • Global shutter
  • Mono
  • Max frame rate of 9 fps
  • CoaXPress – CXP 3/6 – DIN1
  • Resolution 9344 x 7000
  • 65 Mpx at 9 fps
  • Mura dark correction
  • Multi flat field corrections
  • Multi-exposure mode

Product Specifications

Adimec Diamond Series D-65A09-KX/CXP-6

Available Variations