Adimec Diamond Series D-65A30-Kx/CXP-6


The Adimec Diamond Series D-65A30 is the first product of the Diamond series which supports the demanding needs for LCD module inspection in all aspects. It offers the display sub-pixel inspection accuracy optimized for a combined de-mura, dark mura, and color fidelity measurements with high MTBF (no moving parts) and high frame speed. The Gpixel GMAX3265 is a high resolution, high-speed global shutter CMOS sensor with increased sensitivity compared to existing CCD and CMOS high-resolution cameras.


  • Gpixel GMAX3265
  • Global shutter @ 30 fps vs rolling shutter at < 10 fps (throughput !!)
  • Color/mono
  • Max frame rate of 35 fps
  • CoaXPress V1.1.1
  • Resolution 9344 x 7000

Product Specifications

Adimec Diamond Series D-65A30-Kx/CXP-6

Available Variations