Imperx (Frame Grabbers)

Imperx (Frame Grabbers)

IMPERX HD-SDI and analog frame grabbers are designed for desktops, laptops, PDAs and embedded platforms. All models use industrial components for added reliability under any operating condition. IMPERX frame grabbers are noted for their ease of set-up and use.

A full software suite including drivers, SDK and application is provided with all models. We manufacturer video frame grabbers with a choice of interfaces, including Analog, CameraLink® and SD/HD-SDI.

HD-SDI Frame Grabbers

The IMPERX HD-SDI frame grabbers is a group of high speed digital frame grabbers that lets users view and simultaneously store video images from any standard HD-SDI video source to your desktop or laptop. They can capture single or multiple frames and standard AVI clips from any SD or HD-SDI compliant video source. User message can be stamped in every captured frame together with the date and time.